About Me


Hello, my name is Kayla Deckard and thank you for visiting my website! I am a wife, dog mom, year round Christmas lover and crafter. I have a background in social work and a passion for connecting and supporting others. I created a life mission's statement my junior year of undergrad that states, "I am the broken compass that will wander with you". I am a firm believer we are all broken or have experienced brokenness in the past through grief, adversities, or trauma. I have a strong burning desire to wander with others through their journeys, in the dark trenches and hopeful sunrises. I turned to painting as an outlet to help me cope with the brokenness in my life and have found it to be therapeutic, calming and just so much fun! I would love to paint a door hanger for any occasion in your life whether that be for your front door, child's room, gallery wall, living room shelf or wedding. If you want to connect with me in person and let me teach you how fun and therapeutic painting can be, then get a group of friends together and book a paint party with me. I can't wait to share how painting has helped me live a more whole hearted life!