Art Products I Love!

I complied a list of art products I use EVERY SINGLE DAY I paint! They are my absolute favorite for creating and may be helpful for you in your creative process too!
My go to paint brand is DecoArt Americana Matte Paint. It is quality paint with good coverage and lots of color options! You can find it at any craft store (Hobby Lobby, Micheal's JoAnn's) or on the DecoArt website!
Graphite paper is another one big go to of mine. I use graphite paper to trace my lettering and designs onto my wood cut outs! It helps me space everything out just where I want it and allows me to perfect my lettering before I paint it on the wood.
Speaking of lettering, I LOVE using paint pens for all of my lettering needs! My go to paint pen brand is Uni Posca Paint Pens! They come in all different sizes and colors and don't run out of paint too quickly. Plus, if you seal a door hanger or sign, the paint from the paint pen doesn't bleed (this does happen with other brands of paint pens sometimes). I get these off of Amazon!
I enjoy a rustic, textured look on a lot of my signs and I create this texture with a paint brush I got from Dollar Tree! It's an affordable way to add a little something extra to any sign! Plus, it's the most low maintenance paint brush, I don't even clean it. :)
My last product is a life saver for painting, baby wipes! Baby wipes get rid of all your mistakes and they can be used to create certain looks like faux shiplap or opaque buffalo check! I buy them in bulk on Amazon just be sure I always have some!

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